Bespoke Men's Shoes

Fashion is subjective and never constant, it is always changing. Just like art and music, fashion is a universal language as well because everybody understands it. In the world of fashion, change is the only constant, therefore a trend that is currently in vogue may not remain so forever, it is bound to change. The fashion industry takes its inspiration from a variety of sources. These sources can be anything like a person, a cartoon character, a place, an animal or an item. In fact, fashion is so fluid that even women's fashion can be inspired by men's shoe styles! In other words, fashion trends can be inspired from anything and everything!

handmade mens shoes are extremely delightful to look at and they are impressive. Thus, they are the primary inspiration for gender-bending creations in women's fashion. Shoes and clothes inspired from men's wear look effortless, cool and well-put-together on females. Shoes for females inspired from men's shoe styles are trending extremely well these days. Ladies have learnt to take a lesson or two from the shoes their opposite gender wears and are also putting the lessons learnt into practice. Instead of the glamourous stilettos, they are wearing practical, comfortable and stylish footwear. After all, why should men get to flaunt all the effortless and impressive styles by themselves!

Thus, it is true that men's shoe styles often carry into the world of women's fashion. Some of the good examples would be loafers, oxfords, smoking slippers, brogues, wingtips, sandals, etc. These are so comfortable to wear and walkable that women tend to reach out for them instead of the typical high-heels or the shoes for women. They are tired of sporting the same girly fashion again and again hence, they venture into the other side of the fence and sport shoes that are very masculine-looking but have a soft and delicate touch, thus make them appealing to girls as well.

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The unique thing about handmade mens shoes is that they are not just appealing to look at and comfortable to wear but they are also very reasonably priced. Thus, the shoes inspired from men's shoe styles are also very affordable. What's more, men's shoes come in a wide variety of design, therefore there is so much inspiration to draw from. A majority of the shoes in women's fashion are drawn from popular picks such as the loafer, the Chelsea boot, the double monk, the brogue and so on.

The good thing about these shoes is that they go with all kinds of women's outfits and make them more edgy. They can be paired with skirts, dresses, trousers and jeans to give an edge to the girly look. Thus, if you ever feel like ditching your heels and prefer to wear flats instead but not your ballerinas then you can wear women's fashion shoes that are inspired from shoe styles of men. Menswear inspired shoes also look cute and are a great solution for the times when you want to look chic as well as stay comfortable.